Traffic Sources & Setup

Traffic Source

Traffic in the form of clicks/impressions (from a 'Traffic Source' or 'Affiliate') flow through Trackhouse (via a Campaign link) and are directed based on Campaign logic to the appropriate Destination link (offer/landing page)

To set up a Traffic Source navigate to the 'Traffic Sources' tab and click 'Create'

Fill out the form for the new Traffic Source

Create Traffic Source

  • Reference - enter a value that uniquely identifies this Traffic Source. If you have your own system then an appropriate value would be the id or similar for this Traffic Source (this is useful for reporting and API usage)

  • Email address - contact email address for Traffic Source

  • Notification Url - this is the default URL for sending conversion notifications to this Traffic Source. Set this with the URL provided by the Traffic Source, if you intend to send conversion notifications. See more details on this here

  • Source Parameters - Traffic Source specific parameters that will be added to the Traffic Source's links. Please see a more detailed explanation in the Source Parameters page.

  • Notes - any other notes for reference