Traffic Source Notification

Trackhouse supports conversion notifications (or 'callbacks') to the Traffic Source. This is generally done to notify the Traffic Source in realtime of conversion and associated payout and to allow the Traffic Source to optimize traffic.

In order to notify the traffic source of conversions the Traffic Source will need to supply their 'Notification URL' . This URL may apply to all campaigns for that Traffic Source, in which case only the default 'Notification URL' in Traffic Sources needs to be applied. In cases where there is a campaign specific Notification URL, an override can be applied in the Campaign settings, for that Traffic Source.

The Traffic Source is notified of a Conversion when:

  • Trackhouse receives a valid conversion callback from the Destination

  • The conversion is 'Accepted' (see more on Acceptance Rate below)

  • Security/Fraud measures are validated

  • The Cost Model is CPA and/or 'Notify All Events' is turned on in Campaign settings

For a detailed explanation of how Traffic Source Notification is set up please see the Source Parameters guide.

The Notification can be sent server side or Client Side (for more information on this see Conversion Tracking)

Acceptance Rate:

Acceptance rate is a setting to allow only a certain percentage of valid conversions to be accepted/recognised (along with associated cost) and to be communicated to the Traffic Source. This gives you full control over your notifications to Traffic Sources.