Direct Linking

Direct Linking

Some traffic sources do not allow redirects to the landing page/offer. They require the final destination url to be used within their ad platform.

Trackhouse caters for this scenario by providing an alternative to the default redirect link, namely a direct link URL. You can find the direct link URL under the default campaign url in the Campagin settings, as shown in the screenshot below.

Important: Please keep in mind that in order for tracking to work using a direct link, you'll also need to place the following javascript snippet (below) in your landing page, specifically within the head tags.

<script src=""></script>

Direct Links and Conversion Tracking

Currently conversions from direct link clicks can only be tracked with client side callbacks, via javascript call (more info on this to be provided). Server side notifications from the destination to Trackhouse are not supported in this scenario. Please contact us for more information.