Destination Links & Setup

To set up a new Destination Link navigate to the 'Destination Links' tab and click 'Create':

Create Link

Fill out the form for the new Destination Link:

  • Name: Give the link a title, e.g "Widget Offer 1"

  • Reference - enter a value that uniquely identifies this offer/landing page. If you have your own system then an appropriate value would be the id or similar for this page (this is useful for reporting and API usage)

  • URL - the address of the offer/landing page

  • Country - If this offer/landing page is specific to a country, assign that country here. Otherwise just select "Global/Unassigned"

  • Traffic Destination - enter the Destination to which this offer/page belongs

  • Payout - for external destination links, enter the Payout Model (CPA or CPC) and Payout

  • Redirect Type: This is the type of redirect that will take the user to the offer/page. The default is a standard 302 redirect but you can also choose a client side ''Meta Refresh' or 'Double Meta Refresh' which serve to remove the 'Referrer' from the browser's request.