Destinations & Setup


Clicks are redirected to a Destination or more specifically a 'Destination Link'. A Destination is a person/group/company (e.g Advertiser, Content Provider) that will receive the traffic. Each Destination will generally have many Destination Links (aka offers) that represent the distinct offerings/products that the Destination provides.

If you are an affiliate marketer, likely you will have many Destinations in Trackhouse, each of which will have numerous links. If you are an advertiser then you may only have one Destination which is your own company. But this can be organized to your own preference based on your own unique requirements.

To set up a new Destination navigate to the 'Destinations' tab and click 'Create':

Fill out the form for the new Destination:


  • Reference - enter a value that uniquely identifies this Destination. If you have your own system then an appropriate value would be the id or similar for this Destination (this is useful for reporting and API usage)

  • Email address - contact email address for Destination

  • IP White List - A pre-configured list of IP addresses/ranges can be assigned to a Destination, for use as an additional security mechanism to prevent postback (conversion) fraud

  • External/Internal - Please choose whether the Destination is external or internal. External: The Destination is another party. Internal: The Destination is your own internal traffic destination (for your own offers etc)