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Welcome to Public Beta

November 24, 2019
Thomas Horvath

Thomas Horvath

Engineer @ Trackhouse

We are in beta!

We are pleased to announce the release Trackhouse's of public beta starting from today! After many months of hard work, we hope you will find some time to try it out for youself.

What is Trackhouse

Trackhouse is a universal affiliate & advertiser tracking platform. You can create, track, analyse & optimise all your campaigns, offers & traffic sources in one place. Fast! Trackhouse is designed to fit all.

Whether you are a power user or a beginner, get up and running in minutes. Our easy to use, intuitive user interface will provide you with one click setups as well as detailed data breakdowns, sorting and filtering.

Our mission is to provide an intuitive, reliable and versatile tool to route and analyse your online advertising traffic. No fuss!

Trackhouse Screenshot

Cloud Infrastructure

Lightning fast redirects via globally distributed data centers and up-to-the-minute reports thanks to our cutting edge cloud technology.

Focus on ROI

Trackhouse provides your with a set of tools to maximise your ROI

Full Reporting

Detailed breakdowns provide you with thousands of different ways to interrogate your data. Know everything about your traffic!

Responsive To Your Needs

We work closely with our customers to provide niche features that help them excel.

How much is it?

For now, trackhouse is completely free! Of course there are some limits and fair usage policy. While we are in beta, trackhouse is free for anyone. We do hope that in return you give us some feedback so we can improve your user experience over time. Our terms and condirions can be found here

How to get started

First of all you will need an account which you can create on our website.

Create your trackhouse account here

After you have created your account, you can log in and get started creating your first campaign. To explain what everything means, you can use our documentation to get going.

To get started on how to use trackhouse, go to documentation

Can I get some help?

Sure! We would love to help you get up and running. Why don't you reach out to us personally. And we can get you acustomed to trackhouse. There are a few ways you can reach us, if you aren't in a hurry, send us an email at support@trackhouse.io

You can also get in touch with us via skype!

Find me at t.horv or Shane at shaneconnolly

Feel free to join out Discord Community too! Link in our footer.